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Send me ಠ_ಠ to know an inappropriate thought my muse has had about yours.

     ❝ Why red and blue? That doesn’t really say “spider”. ❞

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Send me ಠ_ಠ to know an inappropriate thought my muse has had about yours.


Rebekah knew that she looked like an idiot, standing there with her mouth open and nothing intelligible to say, but at least she wasn’t decked out in a strange costume like her… doppelgänger? That is what this woman had to be, there was no other explanation. Her doppelgänger was here, in her home, toting a sword and going on about Dark Lords, the poor thing was mad. Trying to regain some sort of composure, Rebekah shut her lips, and inhaled a deep breath, not that she needed the air, it was more for comfort than anything else. “You’re in my home. Mystic Falls… Virginia…” She was an Original vampire for gods sakes, one of the most powerful beings to walk the earth, and yet here she was, staring at her living reflection like a deer in headlights. “Do you not remember breaking in?”


Mystic Falls? Virginia? How had she ended up in Virginia when she had been aiming for Westchester County, New York? She hadn’t made a mistake this bad since she’d teleported a year in time while trying to rescue her best friend from the woman who was now one of her teammates. This was getting out of control, but damning her broken abilities wasn’t going to help her right now. She’d never even heard of Mystic Falls in her entire life, though in her defense the only other place she’d lived besides the facility in Canada was Westchester and Russia—and she didn’t get out all that much if it wasn’t for missions or training. Her eyebrow perked up at the woman’s question, and her face twisted into a look of incredulity. She had more questions now than she had before and she wasn’t going to humor the other woman, instead counting with one of her own, “Who are you?”

ლ .. if they’ve ever had, or would ever consider, a threesome?


     ❝ Katya and I have talked about it but we have….a
               lot of conditions that have to be met before we go
               through with it. So far it’s only been Wanda. ❞

۝ … what their opinion of marriage is?

     ❝ I don’t see what the big deal of marriage is.
               I don’t understand why it’s so important or
               why people get so hung up on the idea of it.
               You don’t need a party and a piece of paper
               to make a relationship with someone mean
               something. It means something because you
               are with them and that should be enough. ❞



Do that and the fun would deflate, dear ❞

     ❝ Only when I get in trouble
                                        ‘cause I can’t turn them back.

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Send a symbol to ask my muse…


 ♡ … what their sexuality is?
❣ … how many people they’ve ever kissed?
❤ … how many people they’ve ever loved?
❥ … if they’ve ever had their heart broken?
۝ … what their opinion of marriage is?
 ღ … how many people they’ve slept with?
 ლ .. if they’ve ever had, or would ever consider, a threesome?

Now online. Forgot to say I was here, oops. Also too lazy to post my stats but I’m doing drafts so yay.
Now online. Forgot to say I was here, oops. Also too lazy to post my stats but I’m doing drafts so yay.


Rebekah’s gaze wandered up and down the woman’s body, in an attempt to make sense of that outfit she was wearing. Had the local insane asylum lost it’s star patient? It sure looked that way. As if things couldn’t get any more strange, the crazy person before her was now wielding a sword. Really? This was not happening. “You bring a sword to burglarize a home? Oh, sweet girl, you shouldn’t quit your day j…” The words died on her lips as she was met with the same deep blue eyes that had stared back at her since she was a child and she first saw her reflection in a stream, her own. In that moment, she could have sworn her dead heart flatlined all over again. A thousand years of experiences, and yet nothing had ever shocked her quite as much as this woman, this… mirror image of herself in the flesh. “What… what the bloody hell is going on…” 


"By the Dark Lords…" was all Illyana managed to utter under her breath as she stared wide-eyed at the woman before her. The woman who looked exactly like her. By the abyss, where had she gone? The future? No, there was no way. She couldn’t sense her magick on her, it couldn’t be her, and yet here they were.  She didn’t even realize that she’d gripped her Soulsword tighter or that her jaw had fallen slack. She’d seen alternative versions and past and future versions of so many of her teammates, but never had she seen one of herself, "Where am I?”

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Just like I remember you!

Just like I remember you!